Digital Economy opposition petition grows

Everyone likes signing petitions. Fact.

So here for your angry signature entertainment purposes we have the latest online petition that opposes moves by the government and Peter Mandelson in particular, that will give the government new powers when dealing with illegal filesharing.

The feeling amongst many of the protesters is that the bill was created at the behest of groups who have the most to gain from policing copyright infringement, particularly those within the music industry. The measures that the bill proposes to introduce would allow the government to implement new laws without having to put them through parliament, which some see as a dangerous amount of power.

Celebs such as Stephen Fry and Charlie Brooker have used Twitter to try and raise awareness of the petition and it’s grown to over 20,000 signatures today.

Of particular interest to gamers will be the news that the bill proposes a new ratings system for games, that will see all games for over the ages of 12 rated.

Spotted at the BBC

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