Wii is fastest selling UK console

Nintendo’s attempts to take over the world through the medium of games is becoming more of a reality, as the big N has managed to shift six million Wii consoles in the UK in under three years.

The UK’s leading independent music, video and software performance and sales tracking company, Chart Track-GfK, released the impressive figures today, which makes the Wii the fastest selling console in the UK ever.

David Yarnton, General Manager of Nintendo UK commented, “With its inclusive, family friendly and fun nature, we’re very pleased Wii seems to have captured the imagination of over six million families across the UK and reached such a landmark sales figure in such a short space of time. We’ll work even harder to ensure that the interest in Wii stretches over months and years, appealing to people of all ages and gaming experience.”

Well done Nintendo, now how about some more news on the next Zelda Wii game as a reward to your loyal fans?

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Written by Anthony H

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