Mass Effect 2 voice cast announced

Gamespot has the scoop on EA’s announcement of the cast of Mass Effect 2. It’s pretty much a Sci-Fi fans wet dream too with Firefly, Matrix and Battlestar alumni in abundance, with Martin Sheen and Seth Green thrown in for good measure.

Tricia Helfer (Six from Battlestar) will be voicing the on-board computer EDI for the Normandy vessel that will serve as your base of operations, whilst Martin Sheen takes a role as the shady looking ‘Elusive Man’.

The hype train for Mass Effect 2 has been steadily building up speed for some time now and we’re looking forward immensely to the games’ release on January 29th 2010. Mass Effect 2 will be available on both Xbox 360 and PC.

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  1. It’s Illusive Man! Get your facts straight!

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