Pachter predicts Xbox Live tiered payments

Another interesting snippet from our interview with industry analyst Michael Pachter, was his prediction that Microsoft might introduce a tiered payment system to Xbox Live.

When asked how he thought Microsoft would react to Sony charging for premium services on the Playstation Network, he responded:

“I think that Xbox Live subscriptions will be tiered in the future, and expect a modest increase to the Gold subscription. It’s currently $50 per year for Gold, and the subscription includes online gaming, Facebook, Twitter,, Netflix, photo sharing, video chat, and a few other features.

“I could see Microsoft changing the Gold tier back to what it was (essentially online gaming and a few chat features), and charging more for a premium tier with the other features. My guess is that we’ll see Gold go to $60 per year, and the premium tier go to $100.”

Well, that prediction really puts us in the Christmas spirit. We certainly hope that Microsoft isn’t in a hurry to start charging more for its online service, but stranger things have happened.

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Written by Anthony H

Anthony has been playing games for far too much of his life, starting with the MS-DOS classic Mario is Missing. Since then his tastes have evolved to include just about anything, but his soft spot lies with shooters and the odd strategy game. Anthony will inspire you with his prose, uplift you with his wit and lie to you in his biography.


  1. UHHH you annoy me so much Pachter. Get lost from the world of gaming forever! Your not wanted! Your predictions are STUPID! :@ You also predict GTA V will come out in 2010!? SHUT UP! :@ :@

  2. Well, here we have another prediction for Micheal, who seems to be able to make up a new idea about Microsoft’s cost for Xbox live every day.

  3. Anti-Hassi /


    Michael Pachter is only stating his professional opinion. And his opinion is far more valuable than yours. So go back to your mothers basement and your job at Subway. And leave the professional industry analysis to people who know what they are talking about.

    Amazing how so many idiot teenagers think they know everything about this industry….

    • Your opinion of him is almost fanboyish!

      He is NOT valuable, nobody buys stuff based on what he so ocalled predicts, nor does the market change according to misstated ramblings. If they did there would be SOOO many companies going under…

    • programmer/analyst /

      Anyone with “professional” credentials can make opinions, but when the opinions are simply stated and without any actual explanation behind the “professional” opinions themselves, they are rendered hollow and unsubstantiated and basically without merit. Prachter needs to have some substance behind his opinions. All professional opinions that are noteworthy should back up their opinions with something substantive just like any well written paper at the college level…

  4. i hope they do that… cus i dont use net flix or face book on the xbox.. w t f! i have it free on pc! and who needs last fm if u cant play it while u game! i gots me i pod pluged in for that and i have the music i want

  5. Nothing to say but what the hell is wrong with this guy? Does he even think the costumers?

  6. I seriously doubt xbox live will increase the price of gold. But wouldn’t be surprised if they release a higher tier that has like 2 more features than gold for more $$.

  7. CampingKev /

    As a non-US XBL gold member, I’m already upset that all TV and movie purchases,, and Netflix are not available to me, even some game add-ons are region locked (COD5 map packs, Duke3D, etc.) and can’t be purchased or downloaded. Raising XBL prices would be the last straw, for the annual subscription I can re-buy MW2 and RB2 and go with the free, not-too-bad PS3 online services.

  8. Xbox LIVE is a pile of overrated garbage. Wiiconnect 24 is a better service with more good games and less lag!

    Who would be stupid enough to pay for their internet connection twice anyway?

  9. HDRasta /

    they have already decided this. M$ just havent told you yet. they want to make more money off you for their shitty live experience which is very unorganized in my opinion.
    my buddy always tries to show me something on the XBL and can never find it

    PSN is awesome and its free and pretty much has everything the xbl has but way more organized.

    quote from Jeremy:Who would be stupid enough to pay for their internet connection twice anyway? its most likely their parents are paying for it.

    and I also find that on live there are bunch of kids.

  10. well, I hope they don’t charge more
    they are already charging alot for something that is supposed to be free
    I mean that I’m not from the us nor the UK and I don’t have netflix(which is available on the other console ) or and I dont even have my native language available or my country registered and I live in kuwait so if I want to sign up for Live i have to enter a fake address because ( live is not available in some – most – regions
    so what about an enternet explorer comming for live gold subscribers ?? they created the name explorer and they are the only console without one !!!!!!!

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