RCA reveals Wi-Fi harvesting recharger

OhGizmo! reports on a hidden gem from this year’s CES; the RCA Airnergy Charger, a product sent straight from the future that convert air to electricity. Or rather, it somehow picks up on Wi-Fi signals and uses them to charge batteries. Apparently it does this surprisingly well, charging a Blackberry from 30% to full battery in 90 minutes. If this sounds like magic then prepare to stare disbelievingly at the proposed price: $40. Expected release is sometime during the summer.

This means that there is a chance that in 6 months our wireless controllers will be continuously recharged from the same invisible Wi-Fi beams that the console itself is using to connect to the internet. As the Airnergy supposedly works wherever there is a hotspot, you can literally just leave them lying around your house if you happen to have a wireless connection. Just another subtle sign that we are in fact living in the future.

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Written by Rikard O


  1. tazzbranch /

    i can’t believe this! i’ve been thinking about something like this for prolly 6-7 years. since back in highschool. this is soo cool. then again, think if it can charge something that fast, imagine how much of that crap is being absorbed by our bodies. no wonder everyone is getting cancer lol

  2. skyclawalpha /

    maaaan you weren’t the first to think of it. I’ve been waiting for this since i learned about Tesla back in the day. he made wireless power transfer back in 1893. I cant believe it took this long for the tech to come into the light lol

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