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Casey Hudson, Executive Producer of BioWare’s Mass Effect franchise, took a short break from the trenches to tell Critical Gamer what his team was most excited about and proud of regarding the company’s highly anticipated end of January release, Mass Effect 2.

Probably the biggest enhancement that we’ve made for Mass Effect 2 is simply the moment-to-moment feel of the game. It’s faster, smoother, and more precise, and that makes the whole experience that much more exciting and immersive.”

The game feels more like an action game. Gameplay seems as if it has been sped up considerably, which almost makes the player believe they are playing a game developed by Cliff Bleszinski, rather than a traditional BioWare release.

For example, the game has opted to take a more Halo, or Gears of War direction, as players will no longer be bogged down by cumbersome health packs, which have instead been replaced by regenerative health.

Animation’s have also been improved significantly, so Shepard will appear to move more realistically and fluidly as he dives about wildly, taking cover, shooting, and sexing up aliens.


Not only prettier, Biotic powers are now more malleable than ever.

Biotic powers have also been altered and advanced. Players are now able to direct their abilities around corners, as well as combine Biotic’s with one another to produce a wholly different effect. Gameplay footage shows of the user lofting a character into the air, rendering them immobile and open for gun fire, but then attacking them with a Biotic’s Force Push afterwards, sending the NPC hurtling into a building and then falling to their ultimate demise.

If you are a fan of console gaming, you’ll be pleased to know that BioWare is tailoring this to your market, which is a complete reversal from how Dragon Age: Origins was developed for PC’s. Dragon Age, was created for a traditional PC gaming audience, and the game was reviewed higher critically on said platform. It was faster, and played a little bit like a third person action game.

Unlike Dragon Age, however, there will not be a considerable difference from console to Windows PC, excluding the interfaces (most likely how you select weapons, items, and Biotic’s), as stated by Casey Hudson in an interview with Game Hunters.

Mass Effect 2 is due to hit store shelves on January 26, for both Xbox 360’s and Windows PC’s alike.

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Written by Adam R.

This author procured a media pass for E3 under false pretences, and no longer writes for Critical Gamer.

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