Assassin’s Creed II Battle of Forli DLC release trailer

Everyone’s favourite wall clambering, blade concealing, inventor befriending assassin is returning for some new stabby fun, with the first DLC pack, Battle of Forli, being released worldwide today.

As the trailer above shows, there appears to be a nice mix of stealth and action gameplay with a return from the criminally underused flying machine.

You can pick this slice of DLC up for a few quid on Xbox Live (320 MS points) and the Playstation Network ($3.99), although Ubisoft have said that you should first complete Memory Sequence 11 in the main game to be able to enjoy it.

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Written by Anthony H

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  1. Oni-Samurai /

    This content was left out due to “time restrictions”, which before dlc was around, it would have been 100% true. But I have to wonder did they deliberately withhold this content?

    In any case its available now on PSN store for £3.19, I’m definetely buying it & the other dlc pack. But I’m going to wait & see if they do a combo deal.

    • KrazyFace /

      Sounds like a good idea to wait, though I LOVE the AC games and I’m not sure if I could wait it out. I’ll see how long I last.

  2. djcybersurfer /

    Good point oni-samurai i will wait until they do a package deal. This game is one of the best this generation i have loved every moment of it even the side missions and trophy hunting don’t get boring except for the feather searching 😉 …..

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