Sony deny PSN hack rumours

Critical Gamer asked Sony to comment on the rumours that the Playstation network has been hacked. Hugo Bustillos UK PR Executive told Critical Gamer

” There is absolutely no truth to that whatsoever.”

Not even Sony themselves seem sure what the cause of the PSN crash is, but they are adamant that there is no hacker involved.

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Written by Patrick G


  1. What? That’s it?!

    That is all your report says?!

    Jeez come on… reporting these days is amatuer at best on most gaming websites, here is a tip Critical Gamer… if you can’t do a proper report don’t do it all.

    Ever heard of quality over quantity? The quality of your report is far more important than the quanity of hits you are hoping for. Shoddy report at best, down right laziness at worst. So which is it?!

    • Patrick G /

      What did you want us to do with the statement from Sony, we have 2 news reports on the site about PSN being down so there’s no need to go into more of the same detail about the problems.

      You say this is a waste of new but what you fail to get is this is the only other statement from Sony most site’s haven’t even bother to ask Sony about what’s going on they just throwing out the same thing or at worst making up hear say.

  2. Mike turner /

    thas bullshit my ps3 wont werk… bitchs

  3. bryan /

    Nobody hacked anything, its very obvious that it was not hacked. The problem effects all the old ps3 and not the new slims. On top of that your effected even if you have never been online therefore it cannot be hacked. Its a hardware issue.

    • Patrick G /

      It’s ok for us gamers we know now that’s it’s a hardware problem but some site’s are saying that the PSN has been hacked, so this is Sony just saying that they are talking BS.

  4. Funny thing they say that, since there’s a post on the US PlayStation Blog that states clearly that “unnauthorized access to personal information via PC login form of PSN”. Albeit not really hacking, unnauthorized access certainly means something unusual happened…and if there’s “Access”, it couls well damn be hacking.

    WTF, Sony? Speak clearly, dammit!

    You can check it out here:

    • Wolf26pack /

      That is from a previous problem from the past. Sony should really date those entries so as not to confuse people. Each one of those issues is from a different time. So no hacking had nothing to do with the PSN being down yesterday.

  5. It’s working now on my launch PS3 (60gb) 😀

  6. Charlie Sierra Romeo /

    The network was not hacked, and Sony knew this.

    The whole ordeal was caused by an internal calendar issue. Consoles thought 2010 was a leap year, and that yesterday was February 29th. PS3s across the globe ‘blacked out’ on March 1st, and righted themselves on March 2nd – no hack.

    Besides, if it was a worldwide hack I’m pretty sure a corporation like Sony would’ve have identified it!

    What a pointless article.

    • Voice of Reason /

      Er, CG reported the clock problem about six hours before you left this comment…

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