New Medal of Honor trailer

Another Medal of Honor trailer has breached the doors of the internet giving more of a glimpse at some of the gameplay that EA’s new take on their classic FPS will offer us.

It has been said more times than the sun has risen (maybe), but there definitely seems to be inspiration from the Call of Duty games with set pieces, such as kicking doors off the hinges, aiding comrades and air strikes featuring heavily in the trailer. There also looks to be a mix of all out war and black bag ops style conflicts that you will be switching between.

Gameplay elements revealed include vehicles, a suspiciously familiar black-and-white-o-vision airborne shooter bit, and a few stealth take downs with knives. There is no indication on how much subtlety will feature, but Tier One, the special forces group you will be part of and self proclaimed ‘experts in the application of violence’, seem to be a sneaky bunch who aren’t afraid of big fire fights when it’s needed.

Some of it looks quite similar to EA DICE’s recent multiplayer frag fest Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and this probably isn’t any coincidence as they are being brought in to handle the multiplayer aspect of the game. EA are definitely playing to their strengths to make this the CoD beater they want it to be.

As far as a release date is concerned, we are still only being told fall 2010. Do you think this’ll be the multiplatform CoD killer, or just another modern day shooter on a battlefield full of strong combatants? Let us know below.

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Written by Anthony H

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