Footage of Heavy Rain adapted for Move…?

The video here purports to show Heavy Rain at an early stage of PlayStation Move compatibility.

The chap waving his arms around in front of the TV is apparently lead QA tester on the project, and kindly filmed it at home for his friend in Australia. Unfortunately for him, his friend in Australia immediately uploaded it to Youtube, where we found it. Having contacted this ‘friend’ Bruce, we were told that the reason the Move controllers aren’t being used is because “Heavy Rain is just QTEs, and doesn’t need that level of accuracy”. Though he did go on to say that his (probably now ex) friend told him that as it’s an early version of the patch, full Move compatibility may be introduced later.

Boy, we can’t wait to go to the toilet and dry ourselves off with full Move compatibility! Erm…

UPDATE: April Fool!

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Written by Luke K

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  1. The camera is off^^ Bad april fools^^

    • KS1985 /

      Oh yeah, the blue light on the Eye means that its off.

      But your right about the April Fool, Whats to say that his so-called friend that is filming this is really playing the game “WITH A CONTROLLER”

  2. Pretty cute little April fools trick there. Pretty creative.

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