Demon’s Souls Gets EU Release Date (finally)

Apparently assuming that everyone who wanted to play Demon’s Souls hasn’t already imported the US release or fully translated original Asian release, Namco Bandai has revealed that the game will finally see an official release in the EU region on June 25th.

To try and entice old and new buyers alike, the game will be packaged as a “Black Phantom Edition” and along with the game will include an art book, a strategy guide and the soundtrack. Presumably these are the exact same extras that were thrown in with the US Deluxe Edition release some months ago, but now with different covers.

Demon’s Souls has received a lot of critical acclaim and a strong following thanks to innovative multi-player and a control-breaking difficulty curve right from the off. There’s also rumours that a sequel isn’t far off being unveiled. If you haven’t tried Demon’s Souls yet, be sure to look out for it on June 25th exclusively for PS3.

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