ps3 FTW!!1!

Xbots u r all EPIC FAIL!!1!

Even Bungie no that thats why there gonna make games 4 a proper console now lol. With the power of ps3 they wil make something 2 kill halo 4EVA!!1! Maybe they wil make Kratos vs master chef, Kratos ftw lol. Go cry xbots, cos halos daddy is activisions bitch.

Sony has gr8 EXCLUSIVES like uncharted, god of wart, little big plant, mental gear sold and king of fps with AMAZIN graphics boyzone 2. Wat do xbots have, NOTHING!!1! If u buy crap like halo or gears of wart then u r g@y. Those games r g@y so if u buy them u r g@y as well. Im not g@y bcos I chose mighty sony ps3! Every1 at my high school nos Mr Bell touched me like that 4 a joke, he did it 2 every1.

Xbots luv michael knight pachter bcos he is a xbot too. I bet every1 at wedbush morgan securities is a xbot, guess were bill gates went shopping!!1! Bought lots of analists, lol. Pachter nos nothing!!1! Sony are better 2 see the future, thats why ps3 has blu ray. They new that blu ray would be the new dvd and hd dvd would be EPIC FAIL. Nice hd dvd player xbots, or shold I say doorstop, lol!

wich 1 should u buy hmm let me think, lol!

Yea first of all, multi format games didnt look as good on ps3 but do u no why? Cos ps3 is MORE POWERFUL than xbox and devs had trouble with all that power cos they were used to puny xbox. Now theyv had time 2 learn, so ps3 always looks BETTER now. And ps3 gets extra stuff, look at the new ufc game. Ps3 has EXCLUSIVE stuff, this is proof that ps3 is the best and devs like ps3 better.

Blu ray can hold up to 5GB thats load of space for games. Mental gear sold 4 on xbox would need 100 discs, lol. God of wart 3 is IMPOSIBLE on xbox becos it doesnt have the POWER. It would look crap like all games xbots play do, lol. If u put heavy rain on xbox u couldnt call it heavy rain, u would have 2 call it lite shower.

Natal will be EPIC FAIL, move will pwn its a$$. Who wants 2 jump around the room 2 play o yea, xbots do lol. Not even xbots are that stupid, well not enough 2 stop natal being EPIC FAIL. Nyway, pseye can do everything natal can. Some people say move is the same as wii, what bs. Move is 1000 times more acurate than the wii, nintendo will go bust when move is out.

If a good game cums on xbox and not ps3 we dont care, we no it will be on ps3 later. Look at bioshok and episodes from liberty city, ps3 ftw!!1! Yea splinter cell looks okay, it will be on ps3 soon and on ps3 it will be BETTER!!1!

Sony cares about us, no red lites if u turn on ur ps3, lmao rofl!!1! We can play online 4 free 2, every1 nos psn is better than xbox live and xbots have 2 pay. It is worth $1000 a year but we pay NOTHING bcos Sony loves us.

Why would u buy 1 its 2 small 2 play properly.

Sony gave us psp as well. No crappy ds graphics 4 us, just nxt gen handheld tek and loads of great EXCLUSIVE games like mental gear sold portable ops, mental gear acid, mental gear acid 2, lumines, lumines 2, boyzone liberation, I could make this list 4 days. Nintendo r making a 3d ds bcos every1 is buying psps now.

Sum people say maybe there will be just 1 console in the future. There right, it will be ps3 and microsoft will beg 2 make games 4 it. Sony will say no bcos microsoft r crap. Buy the future, buy ps3!!1!

Title Art R. Furie; Wurds Luke K

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Written by Luke K

Luke plays lots of videogames, now and again stopping to write about them. He's the editor in chief at Critical Gamer, which fools him into thinking his life has some kind of value. Chances are, if you pick up a copy of the latest Official PlayStation Magazine or GamesMaster, you'll find something he's written in there. Luke doesn't have a short temper. If you suggest otherwise, he will punch you in the face.


  1. Oni-Samurai /

    lol! riiley wel riten articl dis. me am soo moved by yor am wurds. gona by me anuda PS3 coz it rocks yo!

  2. Krazyface /

    dat waz teh best artickle eva wrote about PS3, xbots betta pay atenshon! Sony rulz y’oll!!!

  3. Chris /

    Mr Bell touched me too. . .:(

  4. half_empty80 /

    Best bit: “Mental gear sold 4 on xbox would need 100 discs, lol.”

    I can laugh about this now, but 20 years ago this was me…. MY SNES IS TEH BEST COS IT AS ALL DA MARIO GAMEZ AND UR MEGERDRIVE IS CRAP COS SONIC IS RUBBISH….

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