Project Natal street date leaked

The exact details of Project Natal’s release remain unknown; but it has seemed certain for months now that it would launch in October or November 2010. A source close to Activision – who are supporting Natal from day one – has given Critical Gamer what they say is the official, but as yet unannounced, street date. So, what’s the date for your diaries?

November 16th, according to our Mr/Mrs X. That’s a Tuesday; which is unusual here in the UK, where most new game – related releases officially hit the shelves on a Friday. Whenever a game is released here on a Tuesday it’s usually to coincide with a US or worldwide street date. So if this date is correct, it seems safe to assume that this is when Natal will be released across all markets.

If there’s any mix up at all, it would be that this is the date of Activision’s game (details of Natal launch games to follow soon) and not Natal itself. Impossible? Nope. We remember the surreal sight of Condemned on the shelves a week before it was possible to buy an Xbox 360 to play it on…

Nonetheless, our source was adamant that this is the street date issued to those in the industry on a ‘need to know’ basis for Natal. If we’re proven wrong at E3, then do please come back to this post and comment, telling us how foolish we look. If we’re right – and we’ll stick our collective neck out and say that we are right – then please come back and tell us how awesome we are.

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Written by Luke K

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    Just wrap my name with www. and .com and buy it, and use it.


  2. xino /

    do games have to be released world wide at the same date!? NO!

    Games are normally released in uk mostly on Friday

    Split/Second is released on Tues 18 and UK will be released 21 Friday.

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