Yuri Lowenthal “would love to” play Nightwing in Batman: Arkham Asylum 2

This year’s MCM Expo had plenty of great media guests, including voice actor Yuri Lowenthal – who can also be seen on – screen in The Sarah Connor Chronicles as Christopher Garvin. He is also, among many other things, the voice of the Prince in the latest Prince of Persia game and the classic Sands of Time. Wikipedia has him down for the role of Nightwing in Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 so, when Critical Gamer spoke to him at the expo (full interview coming soon), we quizzed him on the matter.

“I have not done any work on Arkham Asylum 2.” he said; though he did admit that this would be his standard response were he under NDA. He went on to say: “I hope somebody calls me and asks me to work on it! […] I can say honestly that I’d love to do it, because I’m a fan, I’m a big Batman fan. I would love to be working on that, but I have not been contacted about that. […] I would love to spread that rumour though! For anybody who’s in casting out there, I would love to work on Arkham Asylum 2!”

We said it then, and we’ll say it now; consider it done.

So is this another example of Yuri’s acting skills, or another example of Wikipedia getting the facts wrong? We’re genuinely unsure. The three most likely possibilities seem to be:

  • Yuri has landed a part, possibly Nightwing, in Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 – but has signed a Non Disclosure Agreement that currently prevents him from admitting it.
  • Yuri told us the truth; he’d love to be working on the game, but isn’t.
  • Yuri would love to be working on the game but isn’t, and has therefore updated his own page on Wikipedia in order to start this very rumour.

We hope with all our hearts that it’s the last one.

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  1. Oh my god! This would make my life if Nightwing were in this game!!


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