Critical Talk: The first Critical Gamer podcast has landed!

We thought that there weren’t nearly enough podcasts on the internet, so we’ve started our own. Hurrah! In this, our very first podcast:

  • Shake your fists! As you agree or disagree with the Modern Warfare 2 vs Bad Company 2 opinions within.
  • Nod your head sagely! As three of us have our say on the prospect of PlayStation Move and Natal.
  • Get Excited! As we discuss LittleBigPlanet 2.
  • Scratch your head in confusion! As you hear how the British will overthrow their government via the sale of biscuits.

Critical Talk is hosted, edited, and produced by Steven (who also wrote the music). He is joined here by Michael and Anthony.

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Written by Patrick G


  1. Rikard /

    That was a really good first episode. Interesting chatter, the sound quality was decent and it didn’t suffer from the standard podcast plagues of UMM’s and SO YEAH’s creating dead air. I’m looking forward to more episodes.

  2. TriggerBuster /

    That was quite fun to listen to, but I did have a couple of problems with it. One was that Steven talked too much considering he was the host. In most podcasts I listen to the host is usually taking the mediator’s role and weighing up both sides of the argument in each topic of discussion. This brings me to my second point; rather than mediating there seemed to be a lot of support (dare I say it, almost fanboy support) for the Wii and PSP Go in that podcast coming from the host.

    Overall it was a good idea doing one of these for the site, just needs some refining.

    • steven g /

      Ta – btw we all agree!

      However Im a fan boy of all good technology and software, whatever platform and no mediator!

      Please send us in your subject points or questions for the next one, you can even send in an MP3 of your question….

  3. Blighty /

    Good podcast, better than most I have heard but, like Triggerbuster pointed out – its typical for the host to bring a subject into discussion, allow the parties to put in their views/opinions and the host follows up with his/hers afterward. Only other ‘niggle’ I had was the extra long opening music, cut it in half or something! 😀 Still, away from the negatives it was good in many respects. Good sound quality and lively discussion, will you be covering specific games in future? Perhaps also polling questions etc in the ever elusive CG Forums?

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