Hudson’s Shooting Watch out on DSiWare tomorrow

Everyone likes aimlessly tapping buttons. It can pass time, annoy friends and if Hudson’s 16 Shot! Shooting Watch is anything to go by, can also be made into a game.

This DSiWare download, which is out Friday, emulates a standalone handheld that Hudson released in 1987, which basically challenged you to hit buttons as fast as you could, aiming to get the most button bashes recorded in a second.

This version lets you tap away at the A button, or both A and B on your DSi over a period of either five or ten seconds, with a readout at the end telling you the most button mashes you registered in a second.

It’s not exactly a Mario Kart beater, but if you want a quick five minute game of ‘who’s the most awesome’ amongst your mates, this seems like an ideal way to decide on a winner. And when you’re not trying to break your thumbs setting a new record, it even comes with a slot machine and stop watch mode.

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Written by Anthony H

Anthony has been playing games for far too much of his life, starting with the MS-DOS classic Mario is Missing. Since then his tastes have evolved to include just about anything, but his soft spot lies with shooters and the odd strategy game. Anthony will inspire you with his prose, uplift you with his wit and lie to you in his biography.

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