Two Street Fighter vs Tekken games in the works

King of the Iron Fist meets the man with fireball wrists as two of gaming’s great titans collide for the first time in two different games for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Street Fighter X Tekken was announced at Comic Con over the weekend to the excited screams of many fans.

The first of the two games which share the same title is being developed by Capcom and uses similar technology from Street Fighter IV. Characters from the Tekken universe will be given the Street Fighter makeover and placed in the game’s universe to do battle on a 2D plane.

The trailer above shows Kazuya and Ryu having a tense stand off right before some kind of kicking begins we assume. Nina Williams has also been confirmed as a Tekken character making the jump to the Street Fighter Universe.

Much less is known about the other game apart from that it has the same title and is being developed by Namco Bandai of Tekken fame. It is assumed that in this title, characters from Street Fighter will make their way to the 3D fighting grounds of Tekken with a more realistic lick of textures applied to them.

No release date has been confirmed yet but this is definitely one to watch. This is probably the biggest cross over project we have seen yet, with two different worlds colliding in two separate games by two veteran developers. Fight!

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