Alex Evans: Sony are “not in it for a quick buck”

No matter which publishers are your favourite it’s important to remember that they are all, at the end of the day, businesses. This has led to them coming in for a lot of criticism from games fans over the years, being blamed for everything from rushing a game out early to maximise profit to suppressing fresh and exciting ideas. Speaking to us at the Eurogamer Expo at the weekend, however, Media Molecule co – founder Alex Evans told us of his sincere belief that big publishers – especially Sony – aren’t like that at all.

The nice thing about the industry, and I think you see it in all of the big publishers, Sony especially, is that they’re not in it for a quick buck. There’s no point, especially for a first party title, putting out something that’s nearly there, like 99% there […] Sony have been so amazingly supportive. It’s not easy to phone them up and go ‘Guys, we’re not there yet’. You know, they could have said ‘Fuck it, we don’t care’ and the point is, they didn’t.”

It’s very easy to be cynical about the power publishers have over developers; but Evans’ words indicate that, at the least, there are spots of hope in the industry. Stay tuned, because we’ll be bringing you the full interview – only at Critical Gamer – soon.

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Written by Luke K

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  1. David Macphail /

    It’s obvious that videogame quality is what’s important to Sony, look at how much time they’ve given to Polyphony Digital to make sure that GT 5 is absolutely perfect.

    As opposed to Microsoft who rush out 2 Halo and Forza games every year like there won’t be a tomorrow.

    It’s quality that counts, which is why Sony have GOTY winners like Uncharted 2 and Microsoft got stuck with laughable attempts at games like Halo Wars.

  2. exxbot /

    great short article! it made my day

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