Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood story trailer

Sinking its retractable blades into the jugular of our interest, Ubisoft has released a trailer giving us a brief outline of the story for Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and plenty of violence that the assassination series has fed us over the past years.

This trailer can definitely be considered as another nail in the coffin to fears that Brotherhood will just be a multiplayer add-on in the so far singleplayer focussed series.

Rome looks massive and full of climbing opportunities, arson hot spots and the potential training grounds ‘to raise an unstoppable army to conquer all of Italia.’ Ezio has plenty to do as the leader of the assassins it seems.

We even get a glimpse of a jittery memory block that takes place in Spain in the year 1507, hinting at more locations for a bit of cloak and dagger espionage and swordplay.

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood bounds into game retailers on November 19 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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