LittleBigInterview: Splapp-me-do (Sackro Machines 2)

One of the first levels to be leaked onto YouTube (NOT by ChimpanzeePS3!) before the lifting of the LBP 2 beta NDA, Sackro Machines 2 has been a hit with beta testers and jealous outsiders alike. Now that the NDA is just a memory, the level’s creator Splapp-me-do talks to Critical Gamer about LBP creating, making Sackro Machines – and seeing it leaked.

CG: Did you make this level (Sackro Machines 2) from scratch, or was it first created in LBP 1? If the latter, how have you been able to improve it with LBP 2 features?

Splapp-me-do: It was made from scratch in LBP2. I’ve had experience with the LBP1 tools though.

CG: How long did the level take to create?

Splapp-me-do: The first Sackro Machines track I made took about 3 hours on and off. Most of the 3 hours was spent actually decorating the track and making it look pretty, getting the actual cars up and running was surprisingly simple. They started off as a single block of cardboard with a controlinator seat attached. It was then a case of adding a mover for forwards/backwards movement, and a rotator for steering and hooking them up to the buttons/analogue stick on the controlinator. I spent a bit of time tweaking the movers and rotator to make it fun to drive, added an anti gravity tweaker to it and it was ready to go!

Sackro Machines 2, I spent more time on… probably around 5 or 6 hours. Again, most of the time was spent on laying out the track and making it look nice – the cars have the same logic as the ones from Sackro Machines… it was as simple as copying the microchip across onto the new cars.

CG: Did you expect your level to get the amount of attention it did?

Splapp-me-do: Not at all! I had a feeling that everyone would try to imitate Micro Machines using the new tools. I used to love Micro Machines when I was younger, so I just had to make a LittleBigPlanet version of it… so I just plodded along making the level, published it and went offline and forgot about it. Next time I came back, it was on the Cool Levels page and had an MM Pick. Couldn’t believe it!

CG: How do you feel about your level being leaked onto YouTube before the lifitng of the NDA?

Splapp-me-do: I didn’t mind that my level had been leaked, to be honest. I knew it was breaking the NDA, but after reading all of the positive comments on the video I was just sort of… grinning like a maniac. However, I did mind that Joystiq had credited the guy that leaked the videos as the creator of the levels! That kind of annoyed me 😛

CG: What levels do you admire, from either game?

Splapp-me-do: My favourite level from LBP1 is “The Miracle of Life” by Poms. It’s just a really awesome level, brilliantly made, amazing creatures and contraptions and really fun to play. Another of my faves is “Digitized Reality” by steve_big_guns. Again, really well made and great fun to play. In fact most of, if not all of, these two creators’ levels are amazing.

CG: Are you working on any more levels at the moment?

Splapp-me-do: I haven’t started working on any new levels yet, but I’ve been spending a lot of time fiddling around in Create mode experimenting with the new tools. I’ve got a couple of ideas that would make fun levels, so once I’ve decided if they’ll work or not I might start building them. I’ve also been throwing ideas around for a new Sackro Machines track (possibly on the beach), so there’s always that.

CG: Any tips for other LBP creators?

Splapp-me-do: Hmm… well I always find that the best way to learn how to use new tools is to dive into Create mode and just muck about with them. I guess that’s my tip! It sometimes gives me ideas for whole levels too.

CG:What’s your most favourite thing about the LBP 2 beta… and your least favourite?

Splapp-me-do: Most favourite: New tools and graphical upgrades

Least favourite: It crashes too much! 😛

The video used in this article is taken from ChimpanzeePS3’s YouTube channel, as this channel is unofficially approved by Media Molecule. ChimpanzeePS3 is in no way affiliated with Critical Gamer or any of its staff.

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  1. KrazyFace /

    I’ve played this, and was really impressed by how much it looked like Micro Machines from yester-year, so BIG KUDOS for that. I was digging around in LBP1 last night and stumbled accross some really amazing levels which I’ve convieniently forgotten the names of, they were all by the same authour though so I’ll get back with their name soon. It’s the game that just keeps on giving, isn’t it?

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