Ivy The Kiwi? gets October 29 release in the UK

Ivy The Kiwi?, the latest game from the creator of Sonic the Hedgehog, Yuji Naka, will be available to buy next week on October 29 for the Wii and DS.

The game tasks players with guiding Ivy through a storybook-like world, drawing vines for her on the screen as she manically runs off at her own pace, frantically searching for her mother.

“Ivy The Kiwi? is a fun and exciting game, created by legend of the industry Yuji Naka” says Martin Defries, managing director, Rising Star Games. “The game really has Mr Naka’s stamp of quality and shows off his incredible character creativity. With the game out this week, I hope fans enjoy it and log on to the Hoshi website to let us know what they think of this great new title.”

The game has been designed to make the most of the wand like controls that the Wii and DS offer, giving players a lot of freedom in navigating the 100 or so levels and the split-screen multiplayer.

To read about some of Mr Naka’s own thoughts on the game, check out our interview with the man himself.

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