LittleBigInterview: RaphaeI (flOw: Life Could Be Sacked)

It turns out that not only is RaphaeI (‘I’ at the end, not ‘L’) the author of this incredible flOw tribute, but he’s also a Polish man who can speak English better than many English people we know. Is there anything the guy can’t do?

CG: Did you make this level (flOw) from scratch, or was it first created in LBP 1? If the latter, how have you been able to improve it with LBP 2 features?

RaphaeI: The level was made in the LBP2 beta from scratch. There was not really much to make; the creature, some food creatures and the boss. Those were all the shapes I needed.

CG: How long did the level take to create?

RaphaeI: About a weekend and two-three long evenings. Everything worked quite well on the first day, but seeing how well it replicated the original I decided to spend more time to polish it. Add sound / music, different depths etc. to make it a full, polished level and publish it.

CG: Did you expect your level to get the amount of attention it did?

RaphaeI: No, not really. As in the original game this type of gameplay is not really popular (actually not many people played it more than just a few bites before quitting). The level was probably MM picked because it’s a great showcase for freedom and flexibility of the new LBP2 tools.

CG: What levels do you admire, from either game?

RaphaeI: I can not specify any concrete level but I’m always blown-away with what people do with the 3D glitch.

CG: Are you working on any more levels at the moment?

RaphaeI: I’m only playing around with the Create mode, but if any of that will turn into a level worth publishing… I don’t know. I don’t publish unfinished stuff.

CG: Any tips for other LBP creators?

RaphaeI: It’s always good to plan things out on paper before starting to build a level from a blank. Heh, I’m not really the one that should give LBP creator tips to others…

CG: What’s your most favourite thing about the LBP 2 beta… and your least favourite?

RaphaeI: Most favourite, that they gave us an easy to use, fully fledged programming language based on logic. With emitters and sackbots, and control over things like movement, gravity, cameras etc. so many things are now possible. The least favourite, that I don’t have enough free time to try and make everything that comes to my mind…

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