LittleBigPlanet 2 rescheduled for December 2010?

There were sad sackboys and sackgirls across the LittleBigPlanet when Media Molecule announced that, rather than the November date originally announced, LBP 2 had been pushed back to January to allow for a final polish. But could they have almost finished the job already?

If you head over to Amazon UK, you’ll see that they’ve updated the LBP 2 release date from the January 2011 one to “December 17, 2010”. Before you get too excited however, remember that retailers have a long history of getting release dates wrong. That said, these mistakes usually only happen before a firm date is confirmed by the publisher. Again however, Media Molecule make no mention of a new release date on their website, and we can’t find the new date at any other retailers. Even Amazon US still has the release date down as “January 18, 2011”.

However, Amazon UK are so confident that this new date is correct, they’ve sent out e mails this morning to customers who have already preordered, advising them of the new release date. Could there be any truth in this? We shall see…

UPDATE: Though have the release date for LittleBigPlanet 2 down as ‘December 17, 2010’, we are currently waiting for confirmation that e mails have been sent as well as delivery estimates updated on the website (confirmed via customer). We are also waiting for comments from Amazon, Sony and Media Molecule; we’ll update you as and when.

SONY: “We’re still tracking a January release”.

They’ll be having a word with Amazon, so don’t be surprised if the date has been changed back again when you click through. Sorry folks, the official word is that the release date is still January 2011.

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  1. If this isnt true at least open the beta up to everyone who preordered. I mostly just wanted LBP2 and GT5 this fall and both have been delayed. One of them better come out soon.

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