Hydrophobia Listening Post Launched

Hydrophobia developers Dark Energy Digital have just announced the launch of the Hydrophobia Listening Post, which is a website where the community can give the developers feedback on Hydrophobia Pure – the latest update to the title. Player feedback has already shaped this latest update, and Dark Energy Digital are keen on giving players the opportunity to help shape the Hydrophobia universe. The website lets users rate every feature in Hydrophobia Pure, add suggestions and comments, and even suggest aspects of the game they would like to see rated by the community.

The results of these polls will directly influence the priorities of the developer for future games in the Hydrophobia universe, and they are committed to delivering on the ideas raised via the Listening Post as fully as possible. The Hydrophobia Listening Post can be found here.

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Written by Kevin M

I've been addicted to gaming since my parents bought an Atari console way back in the 70's. I progressed to the iconic Speccy, Amiga, and all the Playstation platforms. Having seen games evolve from single pixel bat and ball, to HD constructed environments, gaming has changed much from my early years. Having defeated the rock hard R-Type on the Speccy, the biggest challenge I've faced so far is putting up with the hordes of American teens spouting abuse in the current generation of consoles, noob indeed!

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  1. KrazyFace /

    I was really excited about this game when I first read about it (umm, maybe a year and a half ago) and looked forward to it’s release. Unfortunatly I’ve been left out the loop as it was an Xbox exclusive when it did get released. Anyway, just by looking at the screenshots for it, it looks like the devs got halfway through production and went:

    “Hrmm, it’s just surviving the odds on a sinking ship in a unique puzzle game using clever water algorithms… we need some GUNS in here”

    And made a very wet Tomb Raider instead, which was my original fear for this title. I suppose I should really play it before making such judgements though.

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