Nordic Games to go Karaoke Krazy at E3

Nordic Games already have a trio of Wii exclusive We Sing games under their collective belt – including We Sing Encore and We Sing Robbie Williams, which we reviewed and had much guilty fun with (don’t judge) – and they’re planning to show off not one, not two, not three, but (yup, you guessed it) four new additions to the franchise at E3.

As well as boasting of their shiny new US office, Nordic Games will be showing off We Sing America, We Sing UK Hits, We Sing Pop!, and We Sing Rock!. Oddly, We Sing Rock! has only been announced for PAL territories. The exclamation mark hints that we won’t be seeing an awful lot of Cannibal Corpse or Napalm Death in the tracklist, but there’s huge potential for cheesy hair-rock anthems. Isn’t that what karaoke should be all about?

Tracklists will (hopefully) be revealed at E3 at least in part, and we’ll have a rather stressed and overworked Snezana at the event to see them first-hand. With the upcoming We Dance also set to feature, Nordic Games look to have a busy year ahead of them.

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Written by Luke K

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