Hands up (and down, left, and right) who wants to play Child of Eden today

Impressive as the Kinect tech is, the device isn’t exactly drowning in hardcore games. As a result, many core gamers are sitting on the fence when it comes to buying one; or often, they’re camped out so far on the side of not getting one, they can’t even see the fence. With the PS3 version delayed till September, could Ubisoft’s Child of Eden be the game to change that?

If you can get to Dean Street in London between now (or the 5th of June if you can travel back and forth through time at will) and the 20th June, you can try the game out and make your own mind up. Just like the (ahem) celebrities above! In that there video, you can catch brief glimpses of Dextah Fletchah, Iaiaiain Lee, and Jonathan ‘Wossy’ Woss (looking like a tramp who’s stolen a suit). The video even opens with The Japanese Popstars (us neither) chatting about the game.

Dates and full address for The Child of Eden experience appear at the end of the video, and also on the inevitable Facebook page. This is one promo event we’d happily recommend you find some time for; if you do, feel free to come back and let us know what you think.

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Written by Luke K

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