E3 Preview: Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect has always been a series highly rated for its storytelling techniques (besides, of course, the gameplay itself). Mass Effect 3 will definitely uphold this tradition.

The E3 lines for this title were huge. And I mean huge. Even members of the press had to stand in line to get a ticket, and then come back half an hour later. But it was worth it.

In Mass Effect 3 humanity has to fight the Reapers, who have landed on earth. Shepard, who is re-hired as a Commander (because he was right, duh!!),  is sent all over the universe to mobilise other races and planets to fight them.

Many gameplay elements will return, which will make Mass Effect 3 feel familiar for the fans. Although there was very little information given on any new elements, we do know that weapon customisation is a lot more elaborate this time around. You can completely disassemble your weapon and customise and change it in numerous ways. The game, according to Bioware, will also require more combat tactics. To support this, Shepard can now throw grenades and use the OmniBlade, a heavy melee holographic sword.

The demo shows how Shepard yet again has to make some tough choices. As he runs into a small child hiding in a vent, he tries to help; but the child crawls away. Shepard is in doubt, but eventually continues his own mission. As he later watches the same kid run to a ship that is supposed to get him out of the danger zone, the ship is shot out of the air seconds later. Shepard knows the kid is dead, and he knows he may have been able to prevent that.

Oh, and did I mention the game looks gorgeous?

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