Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar PAL release announced with screenshots














The latest entry in popular farm ’em up series Harvest Moon is coming to PAL territories. The DS title Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar will be published by Rising Star Games, one of the few publishers Nintendo can still count on for a regular stream of exclusive titles.














It’s Harvest Moon as fans know and love it, with all the farming (not to mention harvesting), wandering and chatting the series is famous for. The eponymous bazaar will allow you to sell your wares, including new concoctions you can cook up in a windmill. We’re promised that the horse race festival will make a return, and you can own multiple animal slaves – er, pets – to work your farm for you. Interestingly, players will be able to hook up with one another over Wi-Fi.














Most excitingly of all, surely, Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar features “a new jump movement”. Now you can leap around to your heart’s content! In all seriousness however, this should make navigating the environments less cumbersome. Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar is due for release some time later this year.

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