Half-life fan film takes us back to where it all began

Remember that awesome 12 minute Half-life fan film released in January, Beyond Black Mesa? Well, the team behind it have once again delved into the Half-life universe and created another short but brilliant movie dedicated to the crowbar swinging series.

This time we get to see a reimagined take on Gordon Freeman’s trip into work on the day of the resonance cascade that dragged Xen creatures down to Earth. The film, titled Half-life: Origins, is a live action version of the iconic opening moments of the original game.

From the tram to the HEV suit, it really is an excellent portrayal of Valve’s ground-break 1998 intro that you just have to check out.

In January we interviewed Brian Curtin, the project leader behind Beyond Black Mesa and Half-life: Origins. Read what he had to say here.

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Written by Anthony H

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