Sniper Elite V2 Twitter Q&A summary

A sequel to the 2005 PS2, Xbox and PC game Sniper Elite (which saw a 2010 release on the Wii with a bonus level), very little was known of Sniper Elite V2. Until now! Today, developer Rebellion held a one hour live Q&A session on Twitter. A few juicy tidbits of information were tossed out for the public, and we of course stuck our oar in with a few questions of our own. This is what questions from others revealed, some of this you may know but most you probably won’t:

  • Steam client needed for the PC version.
  • Story “touches on real life scenarios. Action takes place within brain race to steal Nazi V2 tech.”
  • No HUD, though there will be a threat indicator.
  • If you want a challenge, “Sniper Elite difficulty removes all assistance and provides a fully realistic simulation.”
  • The game could take anything from 10-30 hours to complete; “most situations offer multiple approaches”
  • Around 12” of the development team worked on the original game; one of the designers on the first is lead designer on the sequel.
  • Described as a reboot, it features “same timeline, different story , missions, objectives etc”
  • The developers are aiming to please hardcore fans, but also to appeal to a wider audience via the easier difficulties.
  • The PC version will be released alongside the console versions (on Steam, at least)
  • Enemies can be identified by rank at a distance, and “The higher the rank, the bigger the threat. Identifying the most dangerous targets is integral to strategy”.

When we asked why they chose to stick with the second world war rather than a more modern setting, they replied: “We looked at every conflict known to man – kept coming back to the Battle of Berlin – strong in history & conflict […] We found sniping to be much better in a lower tech setting”. Fair enough, say we. But how is the gameplay balanced between actual sniping and stealth gameplay? 50/50. 60/40 etc? “This depends on how you choose to play it, it could be as much as 80/20 or as little 20/80”. Combine this with the aforementioned buckshot length estimate of 10-30 hours, and it sounds like the player will actually have a decent say in how they play the missions. This is definitely one to watch.

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