European Games Award: Vote! Vote now! VOTE WE SAID!!


Like this, but completely different.

If you love videogames, Europe, awards and 90% perfect English then boy, do we have the perfect news item for you! Introducing the European Games Award. Yes, Award, just the one. Maybe they break it into pieces or something.

Nominees are chosen from the highest-ranking titles on sites such as Metacritic and Gamerankings, then members of the great unwashed (such as yourself) vote for their favourites to determine the winners. As any English football fan will tell you, narrowing the competition down to Europe rather than the world makes success seem heartbreakingly possible; as any English football fan will also tell you, that doesn’t actually make it any more likely that people from your nation will take shiny awards home, and it doesn’t matter anyway, who cares, next time for sure, mumblemumblemumblemumble.

Polish nominee The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings seems certain to take at least a few awards; at time of writing, it’s leading voting for Best European Art Direction, Best European Character Design, Best European Console Game, Best European Game, Best European Gameworld, Best European Game Design, and Best European Special Edition. CD Projekt would be incredibly unlucky to be overtaken in every single category in the twenty days of voting that remain. Swedish nominee Battlefield 3 also has a predictably strong showing in current results, leading in categories such as Best European Action Game, Best European Sound, and Best European Multiplayer Game (with over 50% of votes in the latter – again, at time of writing). Minecraft currently has a (tiny) lead in Best European Community, as well as leading the pack for Best European Indie Game. Markus Persson is managing to hold onto the top spot in Personality Award – for now.

For a full list of awards and nominees – as well as the chance to cast your vote, of course – head over to the European Games Award site. Go on. Do it! If you’re in the UK, do your part for the nation old chap/chapette, and throw some more votes Arkham City’s way. It’s stuck in second place for a few awards…

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