Critical Talk Episode 11

There are lots of videogames out there and somebody has to talk about them. It might as well be Luke, Kevin, and Stephen doing the talking, and Critical Talk Episode 11 is the perfect place to do so. Put your podcasting hats on, listeners.

  •  Peer through your imaginary scope as Luke teaches everyone about Sniper Elite V2!
  • Remember the legendary Lombax larks as Kevin goes on about the Ratchet & Clank Trilogy!
  • Tell Stephen how much better you would be at Dishonored as he explains his time at QuakeCon 2012!

Free of charge and rich in fibre, Critical Talk Episode 11’s audio player is at your disposal.

The music was created by Steven G, but Stephen K was the host. Due to a horrific lab accident the primary recording is unavailable, so please enjoy the slightly lower quality just this once.

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Written by Stephen K

A lover of video games in general, Stephen will happily play just about any sort of game on just about any sort of system, especially if it's a platformer or an RPG. Except sports games. Sports games are boring.

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