Critical Talk Episode 12

Critical Talk Episode 12 is here to deliver top-notch podcastery with all your favourite Critical Gamer personalities– that is, assuming you’re abnormally partial to Luke, Stephen, and Matt. Even if you were hoping for Will Wright to show up, you won’t want to miss this beefy instalment of videogame fun.

  • Remain enthralled as Stephen recounts his jumping in Skyrim rivers!
  • Catch up on Gamescom news with Luke, who did no research beforehand!
  • Feel uncomfortable as Matt teaches you how to buy weapons via Medal of Honor’s website!

It’s a real party this time around, and you have an invitation. Just click on Critical Talk Episode 12’s audio player and away we go!

Steven G is responsible for the music and you can blame the editing on Stephen K. 

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Written by Stephen K

A lover of video games in general, Stephen will happily play just about any sort of game on just about any sort of system, especially if it's a platformer or an RPG. Except sports games. Sports games are boring.

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