Killzone Intercept short film releases next week

Remember Beyond Black Mesa, last year’s Half-Life-themed short film from Infectious Designer? The very same team responsible for its crowbar-smashing success is set to release a follow-up known as Killzone Intercept, this time focusing on the first-person universe from Guerrilla Games. In fact, the Killzone developers are helping out with costumes and effects, lightening the load a small budget operation has to work with.

“This project was the perfect collaboration of developers helping gamers/fans (myself) make something great that’s inspired by the games we love,” says project lead Brian Curtis. β€œIn my eyes, it’s a good way for the game makers to notice and appreciate their fans.”

The film is scheduled for release next week, so keep your eyes peeled for the telltale menacing glow of Helghast goggles at the Infectious Designer Facebook page.

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Written by Stephen K

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