Get your cricket team in this year’s Ashes videogame!


As Zombi U showed us, cricket bats are excellent for turning zombie heads into foul-smelling porridge. Critical Gamer can today exclusively reveal, however, that cricket bats are also useful for hitting cricket balls during games of cricket. It’s possible you’re already aware of this if you’re in a cricket team, and guess what? If your team is non-professional and in the UK or Australia, you’ve got a shot at being in this year’s official Ashes videogame!

Yes, the makers of Ashes Cricket 2013 are gleefully celebrating the age-old rivalry between the Brits and the Aussies by including one unknown team from each territory in their game. Are you a passionate Brit, remembering the glorious Ashes victory our team claimed thanks to the fact it kept raining? Or a cricket-loving Oz resident with a wide selection of victories to reminisce over? Then this looks like it might be the game for you. If you’re in a non-pro team, or know of one, the links you need are this one for UK teams, and this one for Australian teams. The competition is being conducted via the game’s official Facebook page. The two teams with the most votes make it into the game – simple! Be quick though, as voting closes on the night of February 19th.

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Written by Luke K

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