Persona 4 Arena gets EU release in May

Persona 4 Arena, the plot-heavy fighting game by Arc System Works and Atlus, has been out in Japan and North America since summer of 2012, but now the populace of Europe can get in on the anime-style action. Those eager to punch Yu Narukami in the face with the fist of Chie Satonaka should keep their eyes locked on the 10th of May this very year.

If you can’t keep your twitchy fingers from enacting purchases immediately or you’re a connoisseur of bonus stuff, you might be interested to know that Persona 4 Arena’s Limited Edition is available for pre-order. This will net you the official soundtrack along with a “digital fan pack”, the latter of which presumably includes icons, wallpapers, and other such baubles. If the yellow and pink neon colours didn’t already send you into a blissful seizure, you may have noticed the artwork above hinting at this. There’s also a silhouetted girl wearing headphones, FYI.

In the meantime, why not take a look at our Persona 4 Golden review? You might as well meet the cast before pummelling them into submission, and besides, we quite liked the game.

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