Same-Sex Rowmancing

Saints Row has been a series that lets you run around and do whatever you want, revelling in its own insanity. It also didn’t discriminate against how you wanted to create your character, with a vast array of options and sliders to use when creating your character.

In an interview with Gay Gamer, Volition Creative Designer Steve Jaros announced that they are adding romances into Saints Row IV (where you play a super-powered President!). Now that sounds half-interesting when you consider things like the Dubstep gun and all the other craziness that the Saints exudes, BUT something else is alluded to.

If you listen to him in the video below (or read the original article) he sounds as if he’s going to say same sex relationships. While he doesn’t outright or specifically say that it is included, Deep Silvers Aubrey Norris does. As Norris is awesome, so you can trust her tweets, and you should follow her too.

Anyway, this is important, it’s something that doesn’t generally get addressed outside of RPGs and Saints is a big franchise. Hopefully this’ll prove to some of the marketing buffs that games can be diverse with both straight and homosexual relationships in all their forms and still be successful.

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Written by Sean P

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