The Female Marine is a Natural Selection

Hello Female Marine, we’ve been expecting you. Yes that’s right, a Female character model will be released for Natural Selection 2 and not only are there three whole variants but she is a completely free addition to the game.

Originally released as concept art, she has finally been fulfilled as the promise of “we will bring her out post-release”. Unknown Worlds post on the matter also addresses how the design is unlike others in the fact that she actually has clothes and ones that are fitting to her circumstances as well.

Not the first shooter to have female grunts, Blacklight Retribution was certainly there beforehand, and there are surely others out there, but they are still missing from the AAA shooters out there. Unknown Worlds has cited the cost of creating a high quality character model, or in this case three, as the barrier for taking this long to release, and they are delivering on their promise late August/early September.

Now you need only wait, but while waiting, why not ask yourselves, if a small developer can release this for free, then why can’t a AAA developer do the same?

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Written by Sean P

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