Copies of Dale North’s Dragon Fantasy Book II soundtrack can now be swapped for money

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The game itself may have produced wildly varying opinions amongst the handful of critics who reviewed it, but what of Dragon Fantasy Book II’s soundtrack? Well now, if you have ten US dollars (or your local equivalent) to spare, you can listen to it as much as you like and decide for yourself.

The OST comes from one Dale North. If Mr North’s name rings a proverbial bell, you likely know him as Editor-in-Chief of Destructoid. If it rings a literal bell, well, we really can’t explain that. Dale has been – and continues to be – a prolific maker of music. Indeed, he describes himself as “a musician first and foremost”. Certainly, the DFBII soundtrack is a professional production and, with 43 tracks running for a total of nearly an hour and a half, offers a very nice dollar-to-minute ratio.

There’s a superb variety in music, too. A few early tracks are suitably sweeping for an RPG, and even have a hint of Ocarina of Time to them. Elsewhere there are pirate-flavoured tracks, slightly cheesy action music pieces, and an example of elevator muzak (really). The uncontrollable avarist in you will be excited to hear that there’s a limited edition physical copy, which can be ordered here for five dollars more. It’s worth noting that as the whole album won’t be forced onto one CD, six tracks are missing; but the price includes a full set of mp3 downloads (including those elusive six tracks) and the ability to listen on the go via the Bandcamp app. If the digital version will suffice then most of the usual suspects, such as iTunes and Amazon, will be more than happy to take your money.

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