Mordheim lets the rats out of the bag

That Games Workshop deal with all the licensed products seems to be coming into full swing now. After Blood Bowl 2 being announced, a couple of games with the Warhammer 40K licences that are better left unmentioned, as well as decent games like Talisman and (going back much further) the Dawn of War games, we now have a Mordheim game coming soon.

Focus Home Interactive are publishing it and if it weren’t for the developer having already been announced as Rogue Factor (a new company with a website, made up of “industry veterans”), we would have guessed that Cyanide were developing it. It’s a turn based game with RPG elements, which sounds like most of Cyanide’s most recent games.

It’s going to have multiple factions from the Mordheim tabletop game, so as well as the announced factions of: Sisters of Sigmar, Possessed, Skaven and Mercenaries from the Empire; there will be more. It would be safe to say that the iconic Witch Hunters will likely make an appearance, with Undead and Dwarfs being seemingly likely candidates as well, if only for their visual and racial diversity to other factions.

Multiplayer is confirmed as well as a single player campaign so hopefully there will be plenty of different locations to fight in, giving a city such as Mordheim a chance to show off some beautiful grim-dark locations.

The screenshots do look awfully interesting and the game is due for release later this year. So hopefully this announcement will soon be followed up with a slew of information and (more importantly) some gameplay footage.

Source: Evolve PR

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