Download Metroid Prime Trilogy for £8.99 (screw you, eBay)

See that video up there? That’s what all the games sites have split into a dozen or so separate SEOtastic news posts. We’re not doing that at Critical Gamer; partly because we think it’s extremely cynical and disrespectful to our dear readers to needlessly plough the internet for ‘hits’ in such a way, but mostly because it’s too much work and we can’t be bothered. Do watch the latest Nintendo Direct if you haven’t already though, because it’s full of juicy news and pleasant surprises.

The most pleasant surprise, perhaps, was the one that we titled this here page with. For those not in the know, the Metroid Prime games are Nintendo first person adventures (unique in itself) which are pretty damn good. The first two were released for the GameCube, and the third for the Wii. Metroid Prime Trilogy was later released, packing all three games on a Wii disc and – brilliantly -incorporating Wii controls into the first two titles. Unfortunately it had a very short production run, and now sells on auction sites for prices ranging from Extortionate to Laughable. However, Nintendo have announced that they’re going to start releasing Wii games for download on the Wii U eShop, including – yes – Metroid Prime Trilogy. Even better, each game will be half price for the first week of release, namely £8.99.

Yeah, good luck with that mate.

Yeah, good luck with that mate.

Your wallet is safe for another few weeks as, although the first game to be released for download (the sublime, utterly essential Super Mario Galaxy 2) is available right now, MPT won’t be available for download until January 29th. In other news you should check your inbox for a Monster Hunter 4 demo code, Splatoon has a release date, there’s going to be a new Fire Emblem, the Wii U is getting a free to play game from one of the chaps behind Tekken… oh, just watch the video already!

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