Total War: Attila trailer lands ahead of February release

The classic swords and boards horseback general simulator returns next month with Total War: Attila. To whet our appetite and give us an idea of what’s going on, SEGA have sent over a trailer to showcase The Creative Assembly’s latest efforts.

None of it appears to be in-game god’s eye view or the mass battle scenes the series is known for, but the CG trailer gives us an idea about what to expect. The most obvious change to Attila over previous Total War titles is that settlements are now mobile hordes rather than brick and mortar cities.

The trailer sets the grim-tastic scene well, with the barren land getting harsher and harsher with every month, therefore forcing people onto the road in search of greener pastures. If you’d like something with a little more information and gameplay in it, take a look below to find the official feature spotlight.

Total War: Attila will be released next month on February 17 on PC and Mac. It’s not the only news we’ve had from the Total War house this month, as earlier it was also leaked that they were working on a Warhammer title for the series.

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