The Final, Final Countdown

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing is pretty darn good, so good in fact that it got two sequels (though we couldn’t possibly comment on whether they are necessarily better or not) and now, not content with having just three Action RPG games, Neocore Games has gone and bundled all three into one standalone package with reworked missions and features. It basically means all the additions from the latest game have been made to improve the first two; including more classes and a higher level cap.

Anyway, it’s out yesterday… or maybe it’s not? Well it was supposed to be and now it isn’t. In a turn for the better – that should really have been announced before the day it was supposed to released – it is now coming out on the 6th of November. This is mainly for the addition of a “necessary” Closed Beta, which you can apply for should you wish to help out, in order to test how it runs on various PC configurations etc.

It’s worth noting that anyone who owns all three The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing games in their Steam library before the Final Cut launch, is supposed to have the Final Cut appear in there too for free. So if you’re missing one or two of them it may be cheaper to pick them up now.

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