Finding Paradise (Two The Moon) in 2016 – Possibly 2017

Finding Paradise is the follow-up to a little game by the name of To the Moon, which is very good if our review is anything to go by (it is). It’ll likely by another heartfelt narrative RPG as To the Moon was. Some of us might not really have a frame of reference for why we should be excited; so here is a quote from our To the Moon review to elaborate on why this is good news.

To The Moon starts off as a story about an old man’s dying wish. It gradually becomes more and more about someone else, as you follow a trail of clues to discover who this person was in every meaning of the phrase. Seemingly innocuous phrases and events take on drastic new meanings later on and, even when you’ve seen the end screen after 4-5 hours play, you’ll still be poring over details and discovering revelations as you piece through the journey in your head days later.

So, yeah. Look forward to Finding Paradise. If you haven’t played To the Moon, then you have the best part of a year to do so before this releases and there’s also Bird Story. Here’s another quote to illustrate our point.

To The Moon is beautiful. We won’t deny you this experience, and you shouldn’t deny yourself it either.

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Written by Sean P

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