Alien Breed Impact: review

  • Format: PSN (version reviewed),PC
  • Unleashed: Out Now
  • Publisher: Team 17
  • Developer: Team 17
  • Players: 1-2
  • Site:

Having already reviewed Alien Breed Evolution for the Xbox, we were keen to see if the PSN remake (of a game which is already a remake) would be any different. For the uninitiated, Alien Breed was originally an Amiga game (possibly our most prized game for the system…), which was essentially a rip-off of the Alien/Aliens film franchise, from a top down 2D perspective by Team 17. Quite simply it had everything from great (but at times really tough) gameplay, to superb atmosphere and execution.

Having already launched a 21st century version on the Xbox 360 to muted success, Team 17 have taken the time to polish the formula for the PC and PSN release. The PC release timing is unfortunate as Alien Swarm, which is a similar concept, has actually been released by Valve for free on Steam; but on the PS3 this game stands alone offering users a unique experience.

Gameplay is no different to the 360 version in that you have to go from point A, killing aliens as you trundle along, to point B. At point B you activate a computer, and then go back to point A or possibly point C, whilst killing aliens as you trundle along. So, no rewards for originality here, but then again, it’s really not the game objectives that make this game fun – but the cramped, claustrophobic conditions in which you have to carry them out.

As with the Xbox 360 version we have a single player campaign, and subsequent challenge mode. Additionally we have network co-op and offline co-op which works well in a ‘crowded screen’ kind of way. You will be shouting at your co-player and almost definitely playing back to back!

Additions to this version include an upgrade to the save points. On the Xbox 360 version they are literally save points and nothing more. In ‘Impact’ they have been turned into upgrade stations, where players can upgrade their weapons and buy ammo, health packs and armour suits. This is a superb addition, as it adds a new layer of strategy into the game. You buy the upgrades using credits which are left around the space station, so you’ll spend a lot of your time when not killing aliens going through lockers (or dead bodies) looking for ammo, health packs and more of these valuable credits.

Other differences are minor, but we noticed that the main character seemed to be slightly larger or chunkier in the PSN version. Additionally the graphics had a slightly different ‘sheen’ to them, but that might just have been the way the PS3 renders the Unreal Engine (used for the game on both platforms).

We were pretty upbeat about the XBL version and can only insist that you purchase and play the PSN one too! For sure it lacks depth in some areas, and we would still like to see a smooth scrolling camera rather than one which shifts 45 degrees on a ‘snap’. However these are preferences, not game breakers. If you have a PS3 then download, enjoy and go kill some aliens.

Please can we have the original games released on XBL and PSN now?


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Written by Steven G

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