Halo 4 E3 video blowout

We’ve got a mammoth hot drop of Halo 4 from E3 for you today, with five videos including the trailers shown off in Microsoft’s press conference and gameplay footage of the multiplayer modes.

We’ll start with the campaign trailer above that opened the Microsoft Conference on Monday. It shows the commissioning of the USNC Infinity and its unfortunate fate of being sucked through a sinister portal.

Below is the campaign gameplay that followed on from the trailer, with Master Chief taking the fight to the Covenant and a new set of enemies in a jungle environment.

Following on from this is more about the USNC Infinity, the massive ship featured in the trailer. Apparently it serves as an operations centre for Spartans and gives story context to Halo 4’s multiplayer modes.

War Games serve as the competitive multiplayer mode, posed as simulated training exercises between Spartans. It’s not like we ever really asked for a reason to be given for the on-going Red versus Blue civil war, but it’s nice to have it gracefully shoe horned into the plot.

The other multiplayer component mentioned is the Spartan Ops co-op mode. These are missions launched from the USNC Infinity that allow up to four players to participate in live fire operations. They are presented in an episodic format, with a new episode every week containing the next piece of the story and five co-op missions to go with it.

Halo 4 is 343 Industries’ first solo effort in the Halo series and the start of a new trilogy of games. You can expect to see it landing in retailers November 6, exclusively for Xbox 360.

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