Pac-Man’s art direction depends on your vote


”Vote for your new PAC-MAN game!” proclaims a survey on the official Pac-Man Facebook page. While a few questions about age, gender, and preferred platform of choice for casual games don’t reveal much, the concept art on display is the main attraction. Four distinct styles paint the same scene: Pac-Man dashing away from a trio of multicoloured ghosts, just like the old days. Image D is especially eye-catching, what with a subdued palette and angular lines not entirely unlike classic Final Fantasy sketches. Yes, the artist quality of Pac-Man has been directly compared to Final Fantasy.

If you have an opinion and would like to proudly let Bandai Namco know, click your way over to Facebook and choose your favourite. You don’t even have to “Like” the page to cast a vote. If you have no interest in a Pac-Man game supposedly designed for casual audiences, that’s your own business; but don’t come crying to us when Pac-Man Fantasy Tactics is cancelled due to lack of fan feedback.

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Written by Stephen K

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