Streets of Rage remake prototype surfaces

Remember how much you’ve been pining for a Streets of Rage remake that takes advantage of the modern world’s technology? How you wished so fervently that you could beat up 3D goons in an HD alleyway? If so, you might be disappointed to learn that the Streets of Rage remake footage leaked onto this fair internet is nothing more than a cancelled prototype, but Ruffian Games have shed some neon light on it all the same. Studio Head Garry Liddon uploaded a version of the theoretical gameplay on Vimeo and YouTube, apparently sharing with the public as much as the law allows.

“It was something we built very rapidly and represents pre-pre-pre-pre (lots of pres) pre-Alpha quality. Even so it has a certain charm,” Liddon says. He also included a couple of smiley faces for good measure.

Why was the project scrapped? Is this real-time gameplay or a simple mock-up? Do the life-giving hamburgers now demonstrate realistic physics? We may never know. Liddon reinforces that a prototype like this usually isn’t shown to the world at large, so we can be thankful it showed up at all. Whether you’re interested on an academic level or simply have the morbid curiosity to see an arcade full of vintage Sega cabinets go up in flames, the video is available for your viewing pleasure.

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Written by Stephen K

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