In Tune with Terence Lee (Lifeformed)

Terence Lee (AKA Lifeformed) is the man behind Dustforce’s soundtrack, weaving together soothing electronic sounds to create a vivid soundscape for 2D janitors enjoy as they save the world from grime. Both programmer and composer, Terence is still working with Hitbox on Spire, a fluid first-person shooter about mystery, exploration, and presumably impressive songs of atmosphere. We also cover the influence Chrono Trigger and the confounding terror that MOBAs present, so it’s kind of a public service announcement, too.

Andrew Luers popped in to say hi last week, so give that interview a listen and take a look at OC ReMix’s new Final Fantasy VI tribute album, which he helped bring to life. As for Twitter, you can find both Terence and No Tune Unturned ripe for the following. And don’t forget to check out Terence on Soundcloud, along with Hitbox’s website and Spire updates.

If you can’t decide what to click on first and just want to start listening immediately, try this!


Hey, Listen!


Music included:

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