Pure Pool presumably proving palpable, (a)pproaching PS4 (also PC and Xbone)

We’re a collection of Englishmen and Scots here at Critical Gamer, which means that generally speaking, none of us are accustomed to international success when it comes to sports that involve balls of some kind (unless you count Polo, which nobody with a proper job gives a pile of horse droppings about). With the grim inevitability of death, England were yet again knocked out of the World Cup this year, though even earlier than most were expecting. Saying ‘at least England qualified’ is kind of like saying ‘At least I got beaten up in front of the entire school, rather than behind the bike sheds’. Sorry, what were we talking about?

Ah yes, Pure Pool (we were tempted to leave in the typo ‘Pure Poo’ we somehow managed, but miraculously rose above it). It was at E3 this year, but seems to have been overlooked due to all the loud shouty shooty stabby fasty stuff going on. Coming from the same studio that gave us Hustle Kings, it should be a good representation of the pub favourite; though the above trailer, while making everything look lovely, struggles to explain how or why it will be better than a dozen other pool games.

‘DNA profiles’ is touted as a major feature. Like us, you doubtless presumed this to mean that you could produce clones of famous pool players, programming MRNA to manipulate their genetic makeup to produce an unstoppable army of super mutants, but no; it refers to virtual versions of your friends based on their play styles, so you can play against them even when they’re exposing themselves to sunlight. ‘DNA profiles’ of the developers will be available for free at launch and, it must be said, it’s an interesting idea.

Pool is a game everybody can feel that they’re good at, probably in no small part due to the fact that, like darts, it can be played while consuming large amounts of alcohol. Pure Pool will have its chance to prove itself via PS4, PC, and Xbox One “soon”.


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Written by Luke K

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